Enjoy warmth with safety and security. One piece radiator casing. LSORAD radiators and covers provide full flexibility to suit special project requirements. The 15swg steel covers are available in RAL9016 white, with rounded profiles for extra safety and care. The Radiator, Casing and Oventrop TRV all need to be ordered separately using the relative codes.

• The TRV valve cut out is fitted to the RH side of the casing, but can be ordered on the LH side if required.

• The Oventrop TRV can be fitted on either the RH or LH side of the radiator, but must be fitted on the flow.

• The capillary wire is 2m long.

• The wide part of the bracket (32mm) should be fixed to the wall to allow sufficient clearance from the front of the emitter.

The details:
• 5-Year Warranty
• Available in 47 size options
• Hot water systems only
• High-quality white powder coat finish White RAL 9016
• We recommend pipework is not installed until receipt of radiator
• Please allow up to 10 weeks for delivery for made to order models
• All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery

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The Range



Closed System




LSO5D07700700160HCasing OnlyCasing Only2545745To Fit 5DF50025.1White RAL 9016£613.49
LSO5D107001000160HCasing OnlyCasing Only40691191To Fit 5DF80036.2White RAL 9016£703.97
LSO5D127001200160HCasing OnlyCasing Only50871489To Fit 5DF100043.6White RAL 9016£782.19
LSO5D147001400160HCasing OnlyCasing Only61051788To Fit 5DF120051.1White RAL 9016£815.94
LSO5D167001600160HCasing OnlyCasing Only71222086To Fit 5DF140062.9White RAL 9016£888.02
LSO5D187001800160HCasing OnlyCasing Only81372383To Fit 5DF160063White RAL 9016£924.83
LSO5D207002000160HCasing OnlyCasing Only91552681To Fit 5DF180071.9White RAL 9016£1,013.70
LSO5D227002200160HCasing OnlyCasing Only101732979To Fit 5DF200085.2White RAL 9016£1,147.22
LSO5H07700700125HCasing OnlyCasing Only1976579To Fit 5HF50018.3White RAL 9016£573.61
LSO5H107001000125HCasing OnlyCasing Only3161926To Fit 5HF80027.2White RAL 9016£766.86
LSO5H127001200125HCasing OnlyCasing Only39491156To Fit 5HF100033White RAL 9016£730.05
LSO5H147001400125HCasing OnlyCasing Only47381387To Fit 5HF120038.8White RAL 9016£757.65
LSO5H167001600125HCasing OnlyCasing Only55301619To Fit 5HF140044.7White RAL 9016£823.60
LSO5H187001800125HCasing OnlyCasing Only63181850To Fit 5HF160050.8White RAL 9016£861.95
LSO5H207002000125HCasing OnlyCasing Only71102082To Fit 5HF180056.5White RAL 9016£946.30
LSO5H227002200125HCasing OnlyCasing Only78982313To Fit 5HF200062.3White RAL 9016£1,073.60
LSO6D07800700160HCasing OnlyCasing Only2938860To Fit 6DF50029White RAL 9016£648.76
LSO6D108001000160HCasing OnlyCasing Only46971375To Fit 6DF80042.2White RAL 9016£730.05
LSO6D128001200160HCasing OnlyCasing Only58721719To Fit 6DF100051White RAL 9016£797.53
LSO6D148001400160HCasing OnlyCasing Only70472064To Fit 6DF120059.8White RAL 9016£834.34
LSO6D168001600160HCasing OnlyCasing Only82222408To Fit 6DF140073.9White RAL 9016£907.96
LSO6D188001800160HCasing OnlyCasing Only93942751To Fit 6DF160073.5White RAL 9016£949.37
LSO6D208002000160HCasing OnlyCasing Only105693095To Fit 6DF180084.1White RAL 9016£1,041.39
LSO6D228002200160HCasing OnlyCasing Only117443439To Fit 6DF2000100.2White RAL 9016£1,176.36
LSO6H07800700125HCasing OnlyCasing Only2290671To Fit 6HF50021.6White RAL 9016£605.82
LSO6H108001000125HCasing OnlyCasing Only36631073To Fit 6HF80031.9White RAL 9016£702.44
LSO6H128001200125HCasing OnlyCasing Only45781340To Fit 6HF100038.8White RAL 9016£783.73
LSO6H148001400125HCasing OnlyCasing Only54921608To Fit 6HF120045White RAL 9016£812.87
LSO6H168001600125HCasing OnlyCasing Only64091877To Fit 6HF140052.7White RAL 9016£843.54
LSO6H188001800125HCasing OnlyCasing Only73242145To Fit 6HF160059.8White RAL 9016£929.43
LSO6H208002000125HCasing OnlyCasing Only82412413To Fit 6HF180065.6White RAL 9016£1,021.45
LSO6H228002200125HCasing OnlyCasing Only91552681To Fit 6HF200073.5White RAL 9016£1,104.27
LSO7D07900700160HCasing OnlyCasing Only3299966To Fit 7DF50033.2White RAL 9016£659.50
LSO7D109001000160HCasing OnlyCasing Only52781546To Fit 7DF80048.5White RAL 9016£728.51
LSO7D129001200160HCasing OnlyCasing Only65981932To Fit 7DF100058.8White RAL 9016£811.33
LSO7D149001400160HCasing OnlyCasing Only79172318To Fit 7DF120069White RAL 9016£848.14
LSO7D169001600160HCasing OnlyCasing Only92372705To Fit 7DF140085.7White RAL 9016£935.57
LSO7D189001800160HCasing OnlyCasing Only105563091To Fit 7DF160085.3White RAL 9016£973.91
LSO7D209002000160HCasing OnlyCasing Only118763478To Fit 7DF180097.5White RAL 9016£1,070.53
LSO7D229002200160HCasing OnlyCasing Only131963864To Fit 7DF2000116.4White RAL 9016£1,213.17
LSO7H07900700125HCasing OnlyCasing Only2589758To Fit 7HF50025.2White RAL 9016£645.69
LSO7H109001000125HCasing OnlyCasing Only41411213To Fit 7HF80037.5White RAL 9016£714.71
LSO7H129001200125HCasing OnlyCasing Only51751515To Fit 7HF100045.7White RAL 9016£746.92
LSO7H149001400125HCasing OnlyCasing Only62081818To Fit 7HF120053.9White RAL 9016£840.48
LSO7H169001600125HCasing OnlyCasing Only72452122To Fit 7HF140062.2White RAL 9016£871.15
LSO7H189001800125HCasing OnlyCasing Only82792424To Fit 7HF160070.6White RAL 9016£1,007.65
LSO7H209002000125HCasing OnlyCasing Only93152728To Fit 7HF180078.7White RAL 9016£1,108.88
When ordering suffix the product code with "C" for chrome finish and "w" for with finish etc. Fuel options: E: Electric only H: Hot Water only D: Dual Fuel which is both electric in summer and central heating hot water in winter Prices include delivery. However a delivery charge may be applicable to Scottish Highlands and overseas postcodes.
Prices above are recommended retail prices and are exclusive of any customer duty, levy or value added tax. Pipe centre measurements are incorporating pair of valve distance of 45mm each where applicable. Outputs published are to EN442 at ΔT50. Multiply by 1.268 to convert the outputs to ΔT60.
Prices quoted are guided prices and are subject to change. Product specification is subject to change without prior notification.
E/H/D: The price quoted refers to a product suitable for Hot Water. Electric and Dual Fuel options require additional elements; please contact Ultraheat for a quote.
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