Eco Rail Electric

The Eco Rail Electric towel rails offer a simple solution for heating areas where there are no central heating outlets. It comes at a budget price, but this does not compromise on its quality or heating capability.

Our electric towel rails are provided pre-filled with a heat transfer liquid and fitted with a compatible heating element – all that’s required from your space is a standard electrical outlet.

• 5-Year Warranty
• Available in 13 size options
• Available in Chrome and Anthracite RAL 7016 finishes.
• We recommend pipework is not installed until receipt of radiator
• Please allow up to 10 weeks for delivery for made to order models
• All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery

The Range

4E12HE300-C4E12HE300-C117540030Fully Electric Ready31910.65300300Chrome£233.31
4E15HE400-C4E15HE400-C158540030Fully Electric Ready42614.15400400Chrome£275.00
4E8HE150-C4E8HE150-C80140030Fully Electric Ready2137.4150150Chrome£180.84
5E10HE300-C5E10HE300-C95050030Fully Electric Ready21510.55300300Chrome£222.86
5E12HE300-A5E12HE300-A117550030Fully Electric Ready31913.15300300Anthracite RAL 7016£240.13
5E12HE300-C5E12HE300-C117550030Fully Electric Ready31913.15300300Chrome£240.13
5E15HE400-A5E15HE400-A158550030Fully Electric Ready42617.65400400Anthracite RAL 7016£281.82
5E15HE400-C5E15HE400-C158550030Fully Electric Ready42617.65400400Chrome£281.82
5E17HE600-C5E17HE600-C170050030Fully Electric Ready42819.05600600Chrome£326.37
5E8HE150-A5E8HE150-A80150030Fully Electric Ready2139.1150150Anthracite RAL 7016£188.65
5E8HE150-C5E8HE150-C80150030Fully Electric Ready2139.1150150Chrome£188.65
6E10HE300-C6E10HE300-C95060030Fully Electric Ready21511.85300300Chrome£233.53
6E12HE300-C6E12HE300-C117560030Fully Electric Ready31914.65300300Chrome£249.92
6E15HE400-C6E15HE400-C158560030Fully Electric Ready42619.75400400Chrome£296.45
6E17HE600-C6E17HE600-C170060030Fully Electric Ready42821.45600600Chrome£343.86
6E8HE150-C6E8HE150-C80160030Fully Electric Ready21310.1150150Chrome£208.12
When ordering suffix the product code with "C" for chrome finish and "w" for with finish etc. Fuel options: E: Electric only H: Hot Water only D: Dual Fuel which is both electric in summer and central heating hot water in winter Prices include delivery. However a delivery charge may be applicable to Scottish Highlands and overseas postcodes.
Prices above are recommended retail prices and are exclusive of any customer duty, levy or value added tax. Pipe centre measurements are incorporating pair of valve distance of 45mm each where applicable. Outputs published are to EN442 at ΔT50. Multiply by 1.268 to convert the outputs to ΔT60.
Prices quoted are guided prices and are subject to change. Product specification is subject to change without prior notification.
E/H/D: The price quoted refers to a product suitable for Hot Water. Electric and Dual Fuel options require additional elements; please contact Ultraheat for a quote.
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