Help your next client break the mould

Tips for helping your customers find something a bit different to a standard radiator

By Saffet Kalender, Director of AEON by Pitacs Limited

With social and photo media putting every conceivable interior design style and idea at our fingertips, more and more consumers are approaching their own home renovations on a holistic scale, aspiring to a total coherence of theme or style across a space, as opposed to featuring a few well-chosen items. The radiator has not typically been a consideration when it comes to styling, but now, a growing number of customers are looking for something more, something a bit different, a radiator that can take part in their design ideal.

#1 Go Colourful

Encourage your client to make a feature of their radiator, by choosing an impactful, contrast colour for the radiator against their mounting wall colour, perhaps to complement a feature colour in their soft furnishings. Alternatively, a metallic finish can coordinate with other properties in the space, such as light fixtures or picture frames. For a more subtle interaction with theme, simply match the radiator’s finish with the mounting wall. A number of ranges in the Ultraheat collection can be made to order in any designated universal RAL Colour – so your client can be sure that the finished product will fit in perfectly.

#2 Go Column

Panel radiators are still the undisputed ‘given’ of residential heating – so give your clients an effortlessly stylish, cost-effective alternative in the form of a column design. Column radiators are the perfect on-trend update; with vertical and horizontal designs giving fresh variations to a classic appearance, there is a column model to suit every space.

All Ultraheat column radiators offer the beauty of a timeless cast-iron style, as well as precision engineering and reliability with a generous heat output. A two-column design will create a classic look that will stand the test of time, sitting flush and elegant against the wall, while a chunky four- or even six-column design will refuse to be ignored, adding character and feature to your client’s design concept.As an added bonus, Column radiators lend themselves well to colour finishes, so you can deliver exciting styling on two fronts.

#3 Go Compatible

Does your client’s space need heating, but have no convenient access to an existing water-supply?  Encourage your client to consider an Electric-Only alternative. Ultraheat’s Electric-only radiators are provided pre-filled with a heat transfer liquid and fitted with a compatible heating element – all that’s require from your client’s space is a standard plug socket. The Ultraheat Electric Radiators range is perfect for conservatories, listed buildings and flats, and can be fitted anywhere – from the living room to the bathroom.

Being liberated from plumbing infrastructure gives your client new options, letting them arrange their wall space and furniture completely to their design ideal. Moreover, going electric doesn’t have to mean going for a modern look – many of Ultraheat’s beautiful traditional and period-inspired ranges are available in Electric-only mode.

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